2023 Bestiary: an excerpt from Imaginary Animals, Ssamziegil Stairs Gallery
2022 The bird in the Abyss, Out of the BOx Sung-Su
2022  SALUTATIONS: Imaginary Animals Series Exhibition, Artspace Isaek
2023 The Unknown Analog, Duo Exhibition, Gallery Urban Pluto​​​​​​​
2023  Art Pawnshop "Sea" Exhibition
​​​​​​​2023  ADD DAO 2nd Exhibition x Hide Me Please
2023  WEPLE "Year of The Rabbit" Exhibition

2022  RAF "The end. And the Beginning"
​​​​​​​2022  Fantasy Stew, Five-person Group Exhibition, Artroom Blue 
2022  Urban Break x SKT Metaverse 'ifland' <Tiger Exhibition>

2021  ComicCon Seoul Prologue
2019-2020  Cabinet Club What's Your Favorite Cabinet? 2nd Exhibition
2023 Seoul Illustration Fair Vol. 16
2023 Seoul POPCON
2023 Bincan Showroom: Vol. 202306
2023  K-Illustration Fair Seoul 2023

​​​​​​​2022  Seoul Illustration Fair Vol.14
​​​​​​​2022  Seoul POPCON 
2022  Digital Nomad Festival 
2022  Ho-ho Art Festival, 1st-3rd

2021  Seoul Illustration Fair VOL.12
2021  Suwon Illustration Korea
2021  Eulji Art Fair-Prize 

2019  Seoul Illustration Fair Vol.08
Events & Participations
2023  Artist of Faerian Chapter II: Humanity 
2023  Judge of NFT Design Awards *

2021 Artistree Signal Campaign
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